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Website Hosting Update : 2021

This past year has been crazy and has affected us all in different ways. For me, business dried up quite fast in March and didn’t really start picking up again until September.  But this gave me time to take a step back and re-evaluate my business and the services I offer, as I head towards my 10 year anniversary on April 1st. And if there is one service that I’ve always had some issues perfecting it’s website hosting.

You should know – but in case you don’t – the world wide web is in constant flux. Things are always changing, and I’ve learned a lot over the years that I’ve been designing websites. It’s hard to believe that some of my clients haven’t updated their website since they we originally created it. That’s not going to keep their business relevant in the eyes of Google and more importantly their potential clients, but also if the WordPress software and plugins aren’t kept up-to-date then it leaves the website vulnerable to be hacked. My website was also due for a major overhaul, and this past year gave me the time I needed to redesign it. I invite you to have a look after you’re done reading this – .

All that said, I’ve re-worked my hosting plans into support and maintenance packages designed to better serve my clients. In consideration of this crazy year I’ve decided to adjust the terms of all my hosting accounts to run from August 2020 to July 2021. What this means is that any web hosting fees that should have been billed before August have be wiped clean. For some it will be more than for others, but it will give everyone some form of cost savings, as my little way to say thanks for your continued business. And it will also allow me to get everyone on the same renewal schedule which makes my life a heck of a lot easier. So we all win. Most of my clients are on the “Standard” plan and you can see all the that is included below. I will also be adding other add-ons such as Gmail for Business, Lead Capture/List Building, Google Analytics, and more. Stay tuned…

On top of that, I also have created a new job and service request portal – the WeRC Order Desk. From here you will be able to order new print jobs, request service and support for your website, as well as request quotes and more. Moving forward this will the BEST and MOST EFFICIENT way to request work from WeRC. 🙂

To access the WeRC Order Desk, go to or just click the big “SERVICE REQUEST” button at the top of this page.

Over the next few months I will be reaching out to all my hosting clients to see if they want to adjust their package, update their website, or have any other marketing needs I can help with. But if you want to jump the line, just send me a request through the WeRC Order Desk – .

If you have any questions, please ask.

Your friend in good marketing,



Steve Conforti
President / Designer
We Are Creative Inc.


WeCare Package: STANDARD

  • term: 1 year – August to July
  • auto-domain renewal (if managed)
  • advanced WordPress website hosting
  • one POP email address (25MB)
  • SSL security certificate
  • daily security monitoring
  • VIP client support via WeRC Order Desk
  • annual maintenance and update, including:
    • WordPress software, theme, and plugins update
    • website backup
    • minor content changes

*NOTE: not all features are currently activated with all web hosting clients – additional setup may be required to bring your website up-to-date.