So How Much Does A Website Cost?

In Articles by Steve Conforti

I get this question ALL. THE. TIME. But it’s not a simple answer.

Every business has different requirements for their website, but it comes down to four main things – budget, timeline, quality, and special features.

Generally, the average industry price for a small business brochure-style website ranges from $1000 to $10,000. Sure you can get it for less if you go overseas, and of course you can pay more if you go to the “big guys” in the “big city”.  And with technology like WordPress and Wix, anyone can “play designer” and try to tackle the website themselves.

So to answer the question, I pose these questions to you. How much will it cost your company if it’s not done right? And, how much is a professionally designed website worth to your company?

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Your friendly neighbourhood marketing superhero,
Steve Conforti