Who’s That Girl?

In News by Steve Conforti

If you called or stopped by the office recently, you might have noticed a few new faces have joined TeamWeRC.
In late August, Melissa came on board to help me manage the sales and admin side of the business, so that I can keep on doing what I love (and do best) – design. She has been a great addition to the super hero squad – keeping me on track, and helping move us towards another exciting announcement.
We’ve also have a new designer – Tina – who just started a few weeks ago. Tina is doing some freelance design work with the hopes that we can pull her into a more permanent role in the near future. The extra design support has been great to help us push through the jobs that have started building up.
Going forward we ask that you to please send all new print orders to orders@WeAreCreative.ca so that Melissa, Tina and I will all have access to them.  This will help us schedule our time better and will result in a much quicker turnaround time for your jobs.
Your friendly neighbourhood marketing superhero,
Steve Conforti, President