10 Things to Keep In Mind When Designing a Website

In Articles by Steve Conforti

Here are 10 things that you need to consider before you start designing your website:

  1. Branding – your online brand needs to be inline with your offline brand.
  2. Website Style – what type of site do you need – brochure style, or e-commerce, or blog?
  3. Mobile Friendly – 100%, it must be responsive to display well on mobile devices.
  4. Content (text, images, etc.) – do you have all your content ready, or do you need help with it?
  5. Photography / Copywriting – do you need professional photography, or a copywriter to write your text?
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – very important to work your keywords into all your text
  7. Blog / Newsfeed – do you need one? How often will you post?
  8. Social Media – do you have accounts setup? They should also reflect the brand. Link to and from the website.
  9. Domain Name – do you have a domain name? If not, do you know what you want it to be?
  10. Website Hosting – where will the site be hosted? Do you need email as well

Before you engage in a conversation with a website designer, make sure you review these points – it will help make the process of finding the right designer much easier, for both you and them.

If you or anyone you know if needs help with their website, we’d love to help. Contact us now!

Your friendly neighbourhood marketing superhero,
Steve Conforti